Getting ready for a vacation is FAR from easy. SO much things to do in SO little time. The excitement, the adrenaline, the rush, you just can’t wait but to go away. WE GET IT! & we know you deserve it!

We’ve developed a company that can save you 60 to 70% of your travel related headache and stress!

HOW? After years and years of traveling, we’ve compiled a collection of items you simply NEED on every single trip that will make the entire experience STRESS-FREE 😲.Oh, It gets better!  All items will be available RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW conveniently in one place for you, travel Bae  🤗

No more last minute phishing through different websites wondering  “Do I need this?, “Do I need that”, “What is there to do?”, “Is there anything we need to know before we go?” because GUESS WHAT? Our Travel company has got you covered! 


 *Travel Essential Items- After years and years of Traveling the world, we've put together a collection of essential items you will need on every single vacation. All the items we provide, we've tried, tested and simply CAN NOT travel without & we are confident that you'll see why.

 *Vacay Basixx Collection: for those vacation days when you want to style basic pieces with some bomb shoes; for those days when you want to quickly grab a bite and need something to wear; for those days when you need something to wear to the airport or back home; for those days when you’re going on an excursion need something to wear. We've got you covered!

 *Travel Planning- because who wants to spend hours looking up activities, restaurants, making phone calls, and reservations, when all you want to do is GO? Allow us to plan your dream vacation from start to end for you!  

 *Travel Itineraries- We utilize our own expenses so we can better advise you on this destination and pre-plan an itinerary for you! By doing this, we save you money and time by supplying you with everything you need to know before you go.


Customer service excellence is our #1 priority. Our goal is to get you going as seamlessly and as stress-free as possible. In fact, we want your only job to be- to show up, look amazing and have a blast!