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Passport Protectors

Passport Protectors

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Why wouldn’t you want to protect your most prized travel possession????

 MUST-HAVE for all travelers and travelers-to-be!

: Our passport covers undergo double quality control to ensure stitching lasts a long time
⚡️CRUELTY-FREE: Each item is hand crafted with vegan leather. This means that no animal-skin was used to harvest the finish product, yet still meeting our criteria
⚡️NO MORE FRUSTRATION: There is nothing more stressful than misplacing your passport, knowing that it’s probably somewhere buried in a mountain of clothes/items in your bag. Our passport covers are easily identifiable. These EXCLUSIVE colors make finding your document in any bag a breeze!
⚡️DON’T BE A VICTIM: US & European passports can sell for tons of money on the black market and thieves will go to great lengths to steal them. Throw them off with these uniquely colored passport covers. In the heat of the moment, thieves won’t know if it’s a notebook or some other item and will likely overlook it. Ever saw the movie, Hostile”?
⚡️MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Extend your passport’s life from contamination, damage and wear or tears
⚡️STAND-OUT FROM THE CROWD: These limited-edition colors were hand-picked to ensure that you travel in style! Take extra fly ig or fb pics with your new passport cover
⚡️THE PERFECT GIFT: Surprise your loved ones by gifting them with our passport covers and watch as their face lights up! Show them how much you support and encourage their need and desire to travel <3


Suitable for women, men, children, young or old

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